Activity Description Level
Galaxy zoo What types of galaxies are there and how can we distinguish them? A visit to the galaxy zoo. B
Earth's rotation The view of the starry sky changes in the course of a night. Why? What shape have the paths on which the stars are moving? And how is this motion related to the change of day and night? A
Asteroids How to detect asteroids? How can their orbits be determined? Is there a danger of an impact on the earth? C
The moon Observe the moon with our 60cm telescope. A
Comets Observe comets with our 60cm telescope. A
Constellations Constellations have always fascinated people. They give us orientation and help us to find planets, galaxies and other objects in the sky. B
Planets Observe planets with our 60cm telescope. A
Cepheids (M 31) - C
Galaxies Observe galaxies with our 60cm telescope. A
Exoplanets Observe exoplanets with our 60cm telescope. C
Test: Iris and Comet C/2017 O1 (ASASSN1) This activity is only for testing purposes. B
Messier 106 mulitple exposures Pseudo Aktivität zum Beobachten von M 106 C