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The PlanetCam now provides spectra. Images can be ordered for initial tests. Brighter stars are recommended.

Educational Activities

These activities were designed by our pedagogical team and contain additional documents for teachers and students.

This category has currently no available activities. You might want to check for content in other languages using the language selector.

Open observations

These activities do not feature any addional documents for teacher and students and are meant to order images from pre configured targets in the sky.

The moon

Observe the moon with our 60cm telescope.

Niveau: A


Observe constellations with our ConstellationCam.

Niveau: B


Observe galaxies with our 60cm telescope.

Niveau: A

Messier Catalog

Observe objects from the Messier catalogue with our 60 cm telescope.

Niveau: B

Planets (Planet Camera)

Observe planets with our 25cm telescope.

Niveau: A

Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks

This activity is for observing the actual comet.

Niveau: D

Matura Work

These activities are present per request of students that work on a matura thesis. They might or might not be of interest to others and the broad public.


How to detect asteroids? How can their orbits be determined? Is there a danger of an impact on the earth?

Niveau: C

Planets (DeepSky Telescope)

Observe planets with our 60cm telescope.

Niveau: A

Double stars

This is a technical activity requested by matura students and does not come with any teacher or student comments.

Niveau: C

Proper motion of the stars

Customized activity per request for a matura thesis

Niveau: D

Variable Stars

Customized activity per request for a matura thesis. If you would like to have your star added to the list, please let us know.

Niveau: D